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Benefits of hardwood flooring

There are many reasons to want wood floors in your home. The biggest reason is the style like none other; these floors add a rich, warm elegance and classic charm to any room, making it the house's showcase. However, there are many more benefits, some of which you may not even know about, so please continue reading.

Hardwood flooring comes in two versions

Most of us probably know solid hardwood, which is one thickness throughout and comes in the form of planks, strips, or parquet patterns. Another version, engineered wood flooring, is taking over a significant share of the wood flooring industry because it appeals to those who want both beauty and practicality. On the surface, solid and engineered look similar, with your species of choice, such as oak, hickory, or ash, with knots, grains, undertones, and swirls.

However, the construction underneath is different, with three or more layers of genuine wood combined with a bit of resin. The layers are placed in a crosswise position, giving the floor stability and better handle water. As a result, it won't shrink or expand to adjust to the weather, and it can be installed in some higher-than-normal moisture areas. It comes various thicknesses, but the heavier, the better, and, depending on that number, it can be refinished up to four times. Engineered wood floors can last up to 50 years.

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Saving money and adding value

Solid hardwood lasts forever, sometimes up to 100 years. It only looks better with age, but a refinishing will bring it back to luster if it looks dull or excessively scratched. That translates to few, if any, replacement costs. The floors are versatile enough to fit into any decor, but if you want a change of color, have them sanded and stained another color.

These floors also add value to your property which you'll see three ways. First, 80%-90% of the initial cost will reflect your home value, so a $200K home could become $216K. Second, if you're planning to sell, know that buyers will often pay more for a home with wood floors. Third, they are just more visually appealing, which will make them sell faster.

The floors are easy to maintain. Dust mop often, vacuums without beater bars, and wipe spills immediately. Use everyday routines, such as placing mats at entrances and in front of sinks, using protective furniture pads, keeping pet nails trimmed, and avoiding stilettos.

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