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Carpet 101 > North Las Vegas - Essential White on White Tile

North Las Vegas - Essential White on White Tile

Lori from The Finished Project is a design and DIY-enthusiast, sharing her latest woodworking projects and home décor on her blog. Here, she shares how a custom SmartStrand carpet-bound rug made her sitting room the perfect spot to unwind with her adorable pup, Ted.

Hey, friends! We recently made an update to our sitting room, and I am so excited to share it with you! Many of you know how obsessed I can be with rugs. Well, I was thrilled to be given my choice of Mohawk carpet cut and bound into a custom rug! All the RevWood laminated wood flooring in our home is made by Mohawk, and we could go on and on about the quality and how much we love them. Therefore, I was so ready to try out their SmartStrand carpet in a bound rug — especially because it’s so pet-friendly!


Being a home blogger and an Instagrammer, our home décor and style is important to me. I enjoy creating an inspiring stylish home, but also one that is comfortable and livable for both humans and pets. I try and provide a relaxed environment so that when my family or guests come over, there isn’t stress about spills and messes. I want it to feel warm and welcoming.

Keeping that in mind, choosing the right area rug for your home can be a tough decision when you have pets. When I began to research Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet, I was intrigued because it has a lot of features perfect for pet owners.

The Technology:
Mohawk uses Nanoloc technology, which basically means there is built-in stain and soil protection on the carpet that won’t wear or wash off over time. That means my new SmartStrand carpet-bound rug has a spill and soil shield for easy and quick cleanup for when that mess actually happens.

Forever Stain-Free:
“SmartStrand Forever Clean has no dye sites where spills could adhere, so the carpet is naturally stain resistant. Even when your pet has an accident, your carpet will remain easy to clean.”

Forever Clean:
“Advanced Nanoloc spill and soil shield encapsulates the fiber, so it’s three times easier to remove the pet hair, soil and dander common with household pets.”

Forever Pure:
“With SmartStrand Forever Clean, pet accidents will not absorb into the fiber. This added protection reduces common pet-related odors.” With two boys running around and a dog, life is messy, but Mama still wants style. When style meets functionality, that is a win-win for me.

Design Choice:
In our sitting room, we have a dark, moody feature wall. To balance out this space, I envisioned a soft and light-colored area rug. That is a scary choice to some. A white rug…hmmm, but paired with Mohawk’s SmartStrand technology, there is nothing to fear!

Because we have dark wood flooring, I envisioned the contrast between the dark floors and a light and airy rug balancing each other out in an eye-pleasing way. The carpet we chose for the rug is a low pile textured shag that offers warmth to the room in the perfect blend of a soft off white.

Everyone seems to love the softness of this rug as well. Our dog, Ted, has found a new place to relax and spend time with his loved ones and of course, his favorite toys. Our family loves to kick off our shoes and lounge in this space now; it feels so welcoming and cozy. We have coffee, read books, play with Ted, and simply enjoy the warmth of the space together. We are very pleased with our new SmartStrand carpet-bound rug and would highly recommend it.

If you’re looking to create your own stylish carpet-bound rug, SmartStrand comes in many colors and styles. From a cool shade of gray to a lovely shade of cream, and patterned to textured, your options are endless.

Explore SmartStrand to find the perfect match for your home!
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Carpet 101 > How Often Should I Vacuum?

How Often Should I Vacuum?

We hear this question a lot. The best carpet or rug in the world won’t perform well if you don’t vacuum regularly. To get the most out of your soft surface flooring, it’s important to adopt a regular maintenance routine. No matter the product, you can extend your carpet’s life by vacuuming frequently and diligently.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is waiting to vacuum until the carpet looks dirty. You won’t always notice the tiny soil particles that land on your carpet, and it’s most important to remove that soil when it’s on the surface of the carpet and not embedded in the fibers. When regular vacuuming is neglected, soil particles become embedded in the carpet fibers through normal use. Since most soil is gritty and abrasive, the particles will begin to damage the carpet fibers unless vacuumed regularly. This damage is the main reason carpets age prematurely, so don’t skip routine vacuuming just because your floor doesn’t look like it needs it.

Maintenance Frequency

See our general recommendations below for keeping carpet and rugs clean and looking like new. Also consult the maintenance and care information provided by your flooring manufacturer for specific guidelines.

  • Vacuum high traffic areas daily.
  • Medium traffic areas should be vacuumed twice per week.
  • Vacuum all areas at least once per week even if carpet or rug looks clean.
  • Every 18 months, clean the carpets with professional hot water extraction to remove deeply embedded particles and oily dirt. Professional deep cleaning will also refresh the carpet’s texture and appearance.
  • High traffic areas may require professional cleaning more often. Clean these areas as soon as they begin to show soil to stop dirt from spreading and to extend time between professional cleanings.
  • Use vacuums and other equipment with the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval.

More Vacuuming Tips

  • Readjust the vacuum height for each flooring surface in your home. Setting too high above the surface will cause soil attraction to be weak, allowing gritty, heavier soil to stay in the flooring. Setting the vacuum too low could damage your carpet or rug by fraying the surface pile.
  • To determine the optimal height setting, test the vacuum in an inconspicuous area, like a closet.
  • Check the beater/brush bar regularly for burs or gouges that might damage your flooring.
  • For thick loop, casual frieze, long pile or premium soft carpets and for hard surfaces, completely disengage the beater/brush bar or use a vacuum without a beater/brush bar.
  • Ensure your vacuum has efficient airflow to avoid tight or sealed suction on the carpet's surface, which makes operating the machine difficult and may damage fibers.
  • Check your vacuum cleaner bag regularly, and change it when it becomes half to two-thirds full. A full vacuum bag will cause the vacuum to clean less efficiently and less thoroughly.
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Carpet 101 > SmartStrand Carpet: Tested and Proven Through the Years

SmartStrand Carpet: Tested and Proven Through the Years

For homeowners everywhere, especially families on-the-go, it’s a battle as old as time: beautiful carpet versus an active home. On one hand, you love the idea of a plush, soft carpet that the family can lay out and play on together, but then you think of the kids and pets constantly making messes on it. You may feel like hard surface flooring in the home is a necessity so that you can easily clean up chaos when it strikes. But listen, there is a carpet option for you, your family and your beautiful home. And we have this life-saver in store!

For over 12 years, SmartStrand carpet from Mohawk has been tested and proven in homes just like yours and remains the most durable, easiest to clean carpet on the planet. SmartStrand has survived the most wild situations that you can think of just to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that it will stand up to your most extreme days. SmartStrand’s unique combination of built-in stain protection, inherent durability and Nanoloc Spill and Soil Shield have created an unmatched history of being tested- and proven.

Inherent Durability

The original Rhino Challenge took place in 2009, pitting SmartStrand carpet against the playful 1.5-ton Ricko the Rhinoceros in his Birmingham Zoo living quarters for two whole weeks. Luckily, the unique spring-like shape of the actual SmartStrand fiber has durability in its DNA! SmartStrand carpet was able to resist the crushing and matting that Ricko presented, maintaining its beauty and softness with ease. Plus, SmartStrand's built-in stain resistance meant that the carpet was easily cleaned after the two weeks and restored to new.

This was proven even more in 2010, when SmartStrand traveled to the Dallas Zoo and withstood the tracks of rhino’s, giraffes, camels and even an elephant! It’s no surprise that SmartStrand is the only carpet to feature All Pet Protection and Warranty which covers all pets, all accidents, all the time. If SmartStrand can stand up to this wildlife, it can most definitely handle your family’s wild life.

Built-In Stain Resistance

Fast forward to 2012, when Mohawk searched the country to find America’s messiest kids. Morning shows across the nation picked up on this adorable quest, showcasing the cutest messy eaters, but not one could stain SmartStrand. Built-in stain resistance is engineered into the SmartStrand fiber without dye sites, so stains cannot chemically bond to the carpet. As the only permanent protection that won’t wash or wear off, this innovation ensures your carpet is easy to clean. The License to Spill Carpet Showdown in 2013 then saw SmartStrand carpet take on 12 food festivals and every recipe you can imagine. Still shining after all foods were intentionally spilled on the carpet, SmartStrand proved that it could survive every morsel thrown its way.

Nanoloc Spill and Soil Shield

Mohawk truly put SmartStrand’s Nanoloc Spill and Soil Shield to the test in 2015 by placing carpet at the finish line of Tough Mudder races around the country. This is no typo: imagine thousands of mud-caked footprints walking through your home and your carpet still cleaning up like a dream! Ultra-fine nanoparticles bond to encapsulate every SmartStrand fiber with a complete stain and soil shield. Your carpet repels dirt, dander, and yes, MUD before they can reach the fiber. As a result, SmartStrand is tremendously easy to clean and was crowned the true champ at every Tough Mudder race.

It’s no secret that a messy home or stained carpet will add to the stress of an already hectic household. Why not choose a carpet that has faced every imaginable test and proven to clean up easily and effectively every time? SmartStrand carpet is soft and comfortable for your family while tough and resilient enough to handle all challenges indoors. When you’re ready to see SmartStrand in action, our showroom awaits with style and savings on your new carpet.

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Carpet 101 > Guide to the Best Soft Carpet

Guide to the Best Soft Carpet

Who doesn’t love soft carpet? The feeling of sinking your bare toes into the lush pile is so luxurious. But when shopping for soft carpet, your tootsies will only tell you part of the story. What about staining? What about durability?

This guide will walk you through the information you need to choose the right soft carpet for your home … and your feet.

What makes carpet soft?
There are three aspects of carpet that affect softness. Yes, the information is a bit technical, but keep reading—I promise to make it painless!

Fiber Type: The most popular carpet on the market is made from one of three materials: polyester, nylon or triexta. All three fibers are soft underfoot, and generally speaking polyester tends to be a softer fiber than nylon, but if you’re interested in enhanced softness, triexta fibers labeled “Silk” offer the ultimate softness.

Strand Density: The density of the strands of fiber, known as the denier, also affects a carpet’s softness. Manufacturers have developed carpets made of finer nylon and triexta fibers to increase the softness. The problem is that thinner fibers tend to be less durable, so the trick is to devise yarns from fine fibers that can stand up to daily use in an active household.

Carpet Construction: The way the yarn is used to construct the carpet affects how soft the carpet feels under foot. There are dozens of terms to describe the different constructions, but we’ll focus on three general categories.

  • You’ve probably heard of Berber, the name of a specific kind of carpet that has become a general term for any carpet made with looped yarn. Loop carpets do a great job of standing up in high traffic areas, but they don’t rate high on the softness scale.
  • Shag carpets have risen in popularity in recent years. Their frieze or twist construction results in long, loose twisted yarns that feel springy underfoot, but not necessarily soft.
  • Texture construction is currently the most popular for carpet. The crimped yarns are cut for a dense, deep pile that creates the softest construction on the market.

So which soft carpet option is best?
Ultimately, the decision about which soft carpet is best for your home comes down to a balance of softness versus durability, cleanability and budget.

Softness on a Budget
Polyester carpet made with a texture construction can offer wonderful softness at great prices, so if your budget is tight, this may be your best bet. And another bonus, polyester is inherently stain resistant.

However, be prepared for wear to show sooner than with other carpet fibers. Keep in mind that you will likely need to replace polyester carpet in fewer years than with nylon or triexta, and even sooner if you have an active home with pets or children.

Longer Lasting Softness
Nylon carpet designed for softness can give your toes the cushy feeling they crave, but if durability is higher on your list than softness, skip the lower denier options and look for longer warranties instead.

Nylon is not inherently stain resistant, however, so if you opt for nylon, look for carpet with added stain protection to improve cleanability.

Ultimate Softness
Triexta carpets, like SmartStrand products, offer the ultimate in softness, cleanability and durability. For active households, especially with children or pets, triexta offers the most comprehensive solution.

Products labeled “Silk” are made from yarn that bundles hundreds of triexta strands for luxurious softness without sacrificing durability. And triexta fibers have permanent, built-in stain protection so they are easier to clean and keep clean.

Most carpet is soft. So when you go shopping, remember to factor in durability, stain resistance and budget to be sure you find the right soft carpet for your home.

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Carpet 101 > Can Carpet be Hypoallergenic?

Can Carpet be Hypoallergenic?

We spend a lot of time indoors, which means our flooring is always getting dirty and dusty and receiving A LOT of foot traffic. Overall, this combo is not very friendly to allergy sufferers, especially when it comes to carpet. So, here’s the BIG question. Can carpet be hypoallergenic? Your automatic answer is likely, “No.” But guess what? Carpet can be hypoallergenic! It’s a big misperception that people with asthma and allergies should avoid carpet in the home.

It’s in the Air, It’s Everywhere
We’ll never be able to eliminate dust from our homes, but carpet can actually act as a passive air filter, trapping dust, pollen and other particles and removing them from the breathing zone. Studies have shown that people with asthma and allergy problems have seen their symptoms improve with carpet. The DAAB study proved that carpet can reduce airborne dust by 50% of that found above hard flooring surfaces. Another study has also shown that properly cleaned carpet helps reduce symptoms and is the best flooring choice for those dealing with asthma and allergies.

Pure Peace of Mind
Because it’s becoming more and more important to choose hypoallergenic products for our homes, Mohawk Flooring created a new type of soft flooring that gives PURE PEACE OF MIND. If you haven’t heard about Air.o Hypoallergenic Soft Flooring, you may have just met your new best friend, especially if you suffer from allergies or asthma or live with someone that does.

Why it’s Hypoallergenic
So, how does it work? Air.o’s fibers don’t absorb moisture, which helps prevent the growth of allergens and microbes. There’s absolutely nothing to sneeze about with that!

Easy to Clean + VOC-Free
Air.o’s construction also provides better airflow, releasing more dust and dirt with each vacuum than carpet with traditional padding. Often, it’s hard to tell if your carpet is ever truly clean. With carpet acting like a passive air filter and pets and kids coming in and out of the house all the time, it’s really important to choose flooring that doesn’t hold on to that dust and dirt.

Is Air.o VOC-free? You bet! Its fibers are created using advanced polymers. With no latex or harmful VOC’s, Air.o Hypoallergenic Soft Flooring is safe and ODOR-FREE! No “new flooring” smell means you can jump right into that “new feeling” room and enjoy the comfort and coziness of your new flooring!

Quick tips to keep up with the allergens in your home

  1. Vacuum regularly + select the right vacuum
  2. Avoid home décor that can’t easily be wiped clean
  3. When cleaning, don’t forget the areas underneath furniture

Everyone, including those with allergies or asthma, should be able to enjoy carpet!

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Carpet 101 > How much carpet do I need?

How much carpet do I need?

Estimating for new carpet may seem confusing. Most rooms aren’t perfect rectangles, so it’s hard to measure. Then when you go shopping, some prices are in square feet, some are in square yards. And what about padding and installation? How do you know if you’re comparing apples to apples?

Help is here! With a little homework before (or after) you head for the store, you can simplify the process and carpet shop like a pro!

How to estimate your amount of flooring

Your flooring retailer is your friend
Call and make an appointment with our team for a professional measurement. You’ll want the measurement of the space to be carpeted as well as an estimate of the total amount of carpet you will need.

Compare footage to yardage
Some carpet is sold by the square yard. There are nine square feet in a square yard. So if you have a measurement in square feet, you can easily convert to square yards by dividing by nine. If you are looking at a square-yard price and want to know the price per square foot, also divide by nine. See, you can do this!

How to estimate the total project cost

So now that you know roughly how much carpet you need, all you have to do is multiply the carpet price by the area and presto, you know how much the project will cost, right? WRONG! There are a few additional costs to consider.

Your flooring retailer is your friend.
Yes, we said that already, but it’s worth repeating. We’re here to help you plan your project from budgeting to product selection and on to installation, including additional materials needed like padding or underlayment.

Talk openly with us about any unforeseen costs your installation job may require so that you can create a more dependable estimate. Let us know if you’ll expect us to install trim and transition pieces and touch up paint.

Estimate padding and installation
Padding and installation may not be the beautiful, exciting part of the carpet buying process, but they are vital to a successful carpeting project. Padding can make a carpet feel completely different under foot, help it perform better, and make it last longer. And many carpet warranties require both padding and professional installation. Be sure to read the fine print before you make any final decisions.

If you’re comparing prices, figure the total cost of carpet for your estimated square footage, then add the cost of padding and installation so you can compare apples to apples.

Subfloor issues
Another hidden cost may be lurking under your current flooring. Subflooring issues can occasionally add hefty costs to flooring projects. Although carpet is one of the most forgiving flooring types when it comes to subfloor condition, you don’t want to be caught off guard.

Walk around the areas to be carpeted. If you notice any spots that feel raised or that sag under foot, you should have them checked out before you plan your carpeting project. Water damage, failing joists and other issues can make your schedule and budget fluctuate, especially if they’re discovered too late.

Helpful hint
Waking up on installation day to learn that you’ve completely blown your budget on flooring is a surefire way to take the fun out of any home renovation project. Take the time to do your homework and piece together a best-guess estimate for the final cost of your entire flooring project before you make a purchase. That will help ensure that you don’t encounter unhappy surprises.

Once installation gets underway, it’s late to switch gears, so make sure to thoughtfully estimate cost ahead of your purchase. If necessary, you’ll have plenty of time to halt the process and consider more affordable options.

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Carpet 101 > Step by Step Guide for Carpet Replacement

Step by Step Guide for Carpet Replacement

Step by Step Guide for Replacing Your Carpet

Picking new carpet for your home can be a long and overwhelming process, but you’re not in it alone! Ashley Phipps is an interior designer turned DIY and craft blogger who recently went through the process of picking new carpet for her home. She documented the entire project, from the initial selection all the way through installation, and we're sharing her step by step guide to help you with your own carpet journey.

Top Reasons to Shop Local for Flooring

Ashley’s story starts with a problem many new homeowners have: The “stock” carpet that was put in by the builder or the carpet that previous owners chose doesn't match your taste or your family's needs. Whether the carpet is worn out or, in Ashley’s case, just doesn’t match her interior decor, putting in new carpet can revitalize your home.

Tips for Choosing New Carpet and Pad

Determine your Carpet's Purpose

Choosing carpet involves a lot of different factors, but one of the most important is to consider your lifestyle and your family before you even go to a flooring store. Some carpets promise superior wear protection while others resist stains. Some carpets can do both. With her background as an interior designer, Ashley is a great source of direction. She wanted carpet that could hold up against spills and wear and tear from her kids and pets, but she also wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing and would complement the space and her décor. Once Ashley had established the carpet's purpose for her and her family, she found a flooring center and began her selection process.

Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet

Let the Experts Guide your Selection

The selection process is definitely not easy. There are so many colors, fibers and textures that it’s hard to do it alone. That’s why flooring retailers are so useful. Their trained and knowledgeable staff have the answers to all of your questions. For more advice and a recap of Ashley's trip to the retailer click here!

Bring Samples Home

After Ashley visited the retailer, consulted with a salesperson and narrowed down her options, she took samples home. It's important to visualize what your new carpet will look like in your space before you start ripping up the old carpet. Ashley took a couple of days to reposition the samples in different areas and lighting to see what would be her favorite. She decided on a color and was ready to install.

Colored Carpet

Prepare your Home for Installation

Installation of new carpet can seem like a difficult task, but if you take Ashley’s advice on how to prepare for new carpet, it can be quick and easy. Here are the main steps:

  • Before you order carpet, ask a professional to come out and measure your home for you.
  • Get an exact quote for carpet, padding and labor and ask when the deposit and final payment are due.
  • Plan the order of the installation room by room and know how many days the process will take.
  • Prepare each room by removing furniture and cleaning the space. Also be aware that installers might move furniture for you, so check with them first.
  • Ask if the installers will remove your old carpet and padding and dispose of it for you or if it's an additional fee.

Installing New Carpet

Bring in the Installers

For the absolute best results and easiest process, Ashley highly recommends professional installers. As she says in her blog Installing New Carpet, “Carpet, in my humble opinion, is better left to the professionals with the proper tools. I think good carpet installation is an art form learned over time and only done well with the right tools by experienced professionals.”

To see photos and read more about Ashley’s finished project, click here.

Are you ready to start your carpet replacement project? Learn more about taking that first step in the process by determining the right carpet based on your lifestyle.

Everything you need to know before you buy carpet
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Carpet 101 > The Best Carpet Fiber For Your Lifestyle

The Best Carpet Fiber For Your Lifestyle

Ready to start your next carpet renovation project?

You want your home to look its best, but some days it seems like your family and pets are conspiring against you. Let’s face it, it’s not realistic to cordon off entire rooms only for guests or to ban all food from the den. Messes and wear are bound to happen.To find a carpet that will stand up to your active family, take a look at these different fibers and how they address the most common household flooring challenges.

Tips for selecting the right carpet for homes with pets

Best Carpet Fiber for Soil and Stain Protection

If stains are your biggest flooring nemesis, carpet made of polyester fiber may be your hero. Polyester resists stains to keep your carpet looking like new, so your children don’t have to give up grape juice and you don’t have to live in fear of spilling your favorite red wine. Polyester carpets are best suited for spaces with less foot traffic like bedrooms, offices and TV rooms.

Family Room with Mohawk Carpet

Best Carpet Fiber for Wear Resistance

Could your floors compete with Amtrak? Are there multiple tracks running through high-traffic areas, worn down by the constant pitter-patter of not-so-little feet? Pets, kids and grownups are no match for resilient nylon. It resists crushing and matting and is performance tested to stand up to the heaviest traffic.

Nylon carpet works well in areas that see a lot of action: living rooms, hallways, stairs and playrooms. However, if you’re worried about staining, nylon carpet might not be the best option.

Kids Room

Best Carpet Fiber for Soil and Stain Protection + Wear Resistance

In most homes with active families and pets, carpet stains and wear aren’t mutually exclusive—both are common complaints. Triexta Fiber, a recent innovation offering the best of both worlds, was developed to resist both stains and wear without sacrificing softness.

Great for any room or activity level, carpets made of triexta take dining room spills and heavy traffic in stride. With extra durability and built-in stain and soil resistance, triexta carpet will let you say good-bye to stains and wear and hello to easy living with pets and kids.

Video How to Select Carpet Fiber

Now that you’ve narrowed down the type of carpet fiber that is best suited for your home, visit our catalog to explore different carpet styles.

Everything you need to know before you buy carpet
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Carpet 101 > 4 Tips for Selecting Pet-Proof Carpet

4 Tips for Selecting Pet-Proof Carpet

Tips for Selecting Carpet for Pets

If you have a pet at home, you’re in good company. More than 85 million households in America include at least one pet, and for good reason. These fuzzy, scaled, and feathered critters provide many benefits to their humans. While pets of every classification and breed provide companionship, lower our blood pressure and just generally bring us joy, we can all agree that they are not much help when it comes to keeping our houses clean—especially our floors.

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Your New Carpet

Not every carpet is up to the challenges pets present. If your home includes one or more four-footed family members, you’ll want to take extra care when choosing carpet. Here are 4 tips for selecting pet proof carpet:

Tip 1: First and foremost, shop for carpet with easy maintenance. Specifically, look for fibers that clean easily, so when messes happen—and they will—you don’t have to spend your days cleaning floors.

Tip 2: Since accidents are inevitable, stain resistance is also a must. No one needs an unsightly reminder that Fido isn’t perfect.

Tip 3: Pets and odors tend to go together. But some carpets boast 0% moisture absorption, which nearly eliminates pet-related odors.

Tip 4: And finally, all those extra feet running around can test a carpet’s durability. Choose fibers that spring back to maintain a fresher look.

Best carpet for pets video

You don’t have to live without carpet just because you have pets. You just need to shop for the right carpet. Learn more about Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpet, which was developed with pet lovers like you in mind.

Everything you need to know before you buy carpet
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Carpet 101 > New Carpet Trends

New Carpet Trends

Carpet Trends of 2017

Every year, designers find new inspiration for fashion collections and home furnishings from both the bold and subdued colors that paint our everyday life. Decorators and homeowners alike use these choices for crafting beautiful homes that capture the latest trends and shades.

The Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report included 10 top colors that provided “a renewed sense of imagination” and drew heavily from the feelings that nature evokes. Without further ado, here’s a quick guide to incorporating some of these 2017 color trends with our favorite carpet trends.

Lapis Blue

Feeling Blue: Love the soothing effect of a running stream or relaxing island lagoon?
The most prevalent spring 2017 color is Niagara, which, like its namesake, captures the essence of beautiful bodies of water and connects with our natural desire to ease into our days. Another choice, Island Paradise, is an even lighter shade of cool blue that brings tropical settings to mind with clear skies overhead. Use both blue hues to create your own relaxing getaway indoors with a plush, cozy area rug in the bedroom, bathroom, or entryway, making the stress melt away with each step. Add in coastal or nautical-themed accents to complete the true getaway feel.

*Bonus Tip: Pops of Island Paradise in your home décor will also look incredible when paired with dark, rich hardwood or laminate with hardwood characteristics.

Pastel Perfection: Springtime pastels can be the perfect neutrals to tie rooms together, and the spring 2017 palette includes a few surefire design hits. Pale Dogwood adds a soft pink touch that is equal parts innocent and elegant, while earthy Hazelnut lends subtle warmth and natural transition. Both colors look gorgeous as wall-to-wall carpeting for your rooms.

The Right Brights: Summer brings the heat and flair, just like these bold bright selections from the 2017 color report. Flame, a red-based orange, is full of life and adds a brilliant spark to your room layout. Both Pink Yarrow and Primrose Yellow give a vibrant, playful feel to your home. All are ideal for adding pops of color and pair exceptionally well with dark flooring. An area rug with an active pattern containing any one or a combination of these three will uplift a room with energy.

Whether you love the blues, pastels, brights or any other selection, consider using one of the colors for painting an accent wall inside your home. It’s a low-cost way to add a bold splash of your favorite shade.

how to select the best carpet fiber

It’s time to get colorful!

Everything you need to know before you buy carpet
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