At Affordable Flooring & More, we get this question a lot. Floor tile can offer so much for your home. From beautiful colors to durability to outstanding lifespan, floor tile delivers. This is a natural question, and we have the answers.


Ceramic and porcelain are very similar. Some homeowners think that they are buying the same thing when they buy ceramic over porcelain. But there are differences. Please speak to our staff about those differences so you can decide which one is best for you.


There is a high-quality clay called Kaolin that is an essential part of porcelain. It is fired in a hot kiln to produce a high-quality density and hardness specific to porcelain. The clay creates a through-body color scheme, so the color is throughout the body of the porcelain. This hides any chips or cracks that may occur. It is then glazed with a clear coat to bring out the beauty of the colors.


Ceramic comes from the same high-quality clay, but it has additional ingredients, like sand and feldspar. As a result, you get a hard and dense surface, but the through color isn't there. Instead, these pieces are covered in a glass glaze that can help you create any matching décor appearance you want.

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