One of the questions we hear a lot pertains to the specific sizes that tile comes in and their differences. We want to address that in today's post, so read along for the answer.

Tile sizes can give you the versatility you need

There are many sizes and formats in the tile flooring line, with small and large flooring tile options. If you're looking for the most extensive options, be sure to ask about large format squares that can come in 12 X 12 and even 18 X 18 inches.

On the other hand, some tiles come in sizes comparable to the size of a postage stamp. These small-format tiles are used in a wide variety of ways, and you can easily use them to create something specific and personal to your décor requirements.

It's also important to know that any flooring tile can be cut to your specific size and shape inclusion criteria in various unique designs and mosaics. They are a perfect addition to any room of your home, especially when you consider the many benefits found in this flooring line.

The size of these pieces can create ambiance and make a room feel like a different size. If you’d like to hear more about how they could work for you, be sure to visit us for more information.

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