The new generation of SmartStrand is here, and it’s tougher than ever.

Precisely named SmartStrand Forever Clean, this new addition to the product line builds on the success of SmartStrand by combining it with Nanoloc™ technology, an added layer of protection that locks out spills and makes the carpet even easier to clean.

“Nanoloc is an advanced spill-resistant shield made from nanoparticles that seamlessly lock together, which prevents dirt and spills from settling into the carpet,” President of Mohawk Residential Tom Lape said. “With SmartStrand Forever Clean, soil is released at three times the rate of other carpets. To say it another way, a consumer would have to vacuum their floor three times versus just one time with SmartStrand.”

To prove SmartStrand Forever Clean really is the toughest, easiest to clean carpet on the planet, Mohawk is putting it to the ultimate test during a yearlong partnership with the premier adventure challenge series: Tough Mudder.

“Throughout 2015, Mohawk will be installing SmartStrand Forever Clean right on the Tough Mudder obstacle courses where it will withstand a beating from over 120,000 extremely tough and muddy competitors,” Sr. VP of Marketing and Sales Operations David Duncan said. “SmartStrand has proven itself in the past as the industry’s most durable, stain-resistant carpet on the market with some pretty incredible challenges. While these torture tests are intense, there’s nothing tougher – or muddier – than Tough Mudder.”

But consumers won’t have to wait for the next Tough Mudder to enjoy SmartStrand Forever Clean in their homes. Every SmartStrand carpet purchased today is now SmartStrand Forever Clean. Mohawk has completely transformed the collection and incorporated this new innovation in every square yard that is shipped, effective immediately.