We are excited to introduce to all of our Creative Home readers the new SmartStrand® Forever Clean™ carpet, which is the Toughest, Easiest to Clean Carpet on the Planet™.

A decade ago, Mohawk introduced SmartStrand to the market as an alternative to traditional carpets. People embraced our SmartStrand carpet; its durability, stain resistance and cleanability quickly made it a popular choice for consumers. So much so, that SmartStrand has been installed into more than 7 million homes nationwide and has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction.

Over the years, we’ve put our SmartStrand carpet through some extreme challenge: including a 2,800 lb. rhino, the nation’s messiest kids, a coast-to-coast blitz of stains, squirts and spills, and even the Puppy Bowl. Throughout all of these challenges, SmartStrand rose to the occasion, cleaning up beautifully, and proving to parents, pet owners and consumers everywhere that it’s the number one choice when it comes to carpeting.

As we approached our ten-year anniversary, we decided to make SmartStrand an even better carpet. In fact, we set out with the goal to make SmartStrand the toughest, easiest to clean carpet on the planet.

Introducing the new SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet. It boasts a new nanotechnology that creates a no-spill protection barrier. SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet now offers dual protection at its core that prevents stains and spills from setting into the carpet. This makes it extra easy to wash away potential stains with just water or a mild detergent. Unlike other stain resistant carpeting, where the soil and stain resistance can wash away, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet’s stain protection is built into every single fiber on the carpet for stain and spoil protection that will never wash or wear off. With all this built-in stain protection, our SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet is still supremely soft and durable.

Wondering how we put our new SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet to the test? Since it’s the toughest, easiest to clean carpet on the planet, we put it to the ultimate test by pitting it against the Tough Mudder®–one of the toughest, muddiest challenges in the world. We put SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet directly on the course where it was trampled on by over 10,000 muddy challengers.

Check out this teaser video to see how muddy the carpet got during the Tough Mudder challenge. How muddy did it get? Did it come clean? Stay tuned when we reveal the video that shows how it cleaned!
Stop by our office if you’d like to see this incredible carpet in person.