Any shade of green; large format tiles in trickling patterns; and eclectic graphics, such as a jigsaw puzzle pattern are just some of the tile trend projections for 2022. Floor tile adds character, style, and visual interest to your home, and it's one of those materials that can look just as good in the living room as in the kitchen.

Tile is durable, long-lasting, easy to clean, and an excellent heat conductor. We're almost done with 2021, so we're already thinking ahead to next year. Please continue reading to see what we've heard in our tile shop.

What is a trickling pattern?

It's a blend of various textures, sizes, and colors that all make one unique pattern. These patterns have an almost unlimited number of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs that you'd find in our tile store; you can mix and match to get those creative juices flowing and create your trickling pattern.

Why green?

There's a trend that's been picking up speed called Biophilia; it just refers to anything that reminds us of nature, such as light-colored floors, blue sky, and green flora.

Black and white vintage tiles are in

Everyone loves vintage; it's a style, after all, that brings back warm and cherished memories. While black and white tiles are making a big comeback, they aren't quite the same as you'd find in historic homes. Instead, these tiles have an intricate stenciled look with a graphic style that includes smaller tiles. It's the ideal combination of vintage and contemporary.

Wood and wood looks get even hotter next year

Think of it as two-trends-in-one. Reclaimed wood; multi-tones; wood patterns, such as the chevron or herringbone; light shades; and weathered are wood trends and, because wood look tile is so popular, you can have that look in any wet spaces, like the bathroom. Thank inkjet technology for that; tiles were previously hand-painted, a difficult, costly, and inaccurate procedure, but Inkjet is like a computer printer with various jets spewing colors.

Love to create? Our designers can help you design tile flooring that will be your home's ultimate show-stopper. (Plus, you'll get a free quote.) Come into the Affordable Flooring & More showroom in Las Vegas, NV, convenient to Spring Valley, Paradise, Henderson, and North Las Vegas.